Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) College in Meerut

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) college in Meerut is one of the most prestigious, well-known and competitive in India. As a part of the prestigious All India Council of Research I Colleges (Subharti University), the college is part of the premier research university system of India. It also has been awarded the prestigious Bhagat Singh National Award for its research output.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) college in Meerut has many advantages that have made it so popular among youngsters. Some of these are:

* Rich in history – The college boasts of its illustrious past, with monuments that date back to its initial foundation in 1893. The Meerut Art Gallery houses the most attractive collection of original paintings, sculptures, and photography.

* Well equipped with modern facilities – The facility to enroll online for tuition is an added advantage for students looking for convenience. Students can also get admission in online BFA colleges across the country. Online classes are also available for Masters and Ph.D. in Arts.

* Proficient in teaching subject – A number of subjects from varied areas are taught at the college. For instance, Fine Arts, Philosophy, English Literature, Islamic Studies, History, History and Civil Engineering, Film Studies, Asian Languages and Literatures and Industrial Arts are among the core subjects taught.

* Widely varied program – The college offers students a wide variety of courses from both traditional and contemporary curriculums. With the program of Master in Arts degree offered by the college, you will find your career options greatly expanded.

* Open to all – The college is set in a scenic setting in the heart of the state, close to the Subharti University, where students can enjoy the beautiful cultural and exciting artistic culture. You can easily travel to the scenic areas of Meerut and stay overnight. This will enable you to learn more about the culture of Kashmir and get a feel of the rich, traditional history of Meerut.

* Educational as well as cultural aspects – The college offers an array of courses to suit students with varied interests. From Art, Architecture, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Medieval Studies, Social Sciences, Film Studies and Indian Dance, there is something for everyone.

* Senior level course – While taking up an Arts degree, students may opt for higher studies like MPhil, PhD, JD, or Master of Science in Fine Arts Degree. These subjects offer greater opportunities for research and practical work.

* Accreditation – The college has achieved a lot of awards and commendations from various organizations such as State Council for Higher Education, Central Board of Secondary Education, Indian Institute of Design, National Institute of Fine Arts, National Center for the Promotion of Banyan Tree Sculpture, etc. A number of these institutions recommend the college to prospective students, making it a widely recognized name in the field of arts.

* Many facilities – The college is equipped with several facilities that make it an excellent living environment for students. One such facility is an incredibly large library, which features rare manuscripts, magazines, books and magazines of the prestigious academic journals, including the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Nature India and Archaeology, to name a few.

* Courses offered- The college offers both online and on-campus courses. For both online and on-campus students, the BFA degree courses are offered in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) level II

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