Subharti hospital created history, Atiq Khan returned from the ventilator and beat Corona

Subharti hospital created history, Atiq Khan returned from the ventilator and beat Corona

Meerut Chhatrapati Shivaji Subharti Hospital has once again set a record for giving life to 37-year-old Atiq Khan, a resident of Corona, in Mohammadpur, Meerut city. Atik Khan, who was admitted on 05.06.2020 in critical condition, went on ventilator and returned to his home after 24 hours under the supervision of doctors and nursing staff.

State Kovid Nodal Officer District Meerut Dr. P.P. Singh congratulated the patient Atiq Khan and thanked the team of doctors working under the leadership of Dr. Krishna Murthy, Medical Superintendent of Subharti Hospital, as well as the efforts being made by Subharti Hospital for the protection of humanity amidst the Corona disaster. Works appreciated.

Dr. Krishna Murthy, Medical Superintendent, Subharti Hospital, said that Atik Khan, suffering from Kovid-19, was admitted in critical condition on 05.06.2020 and the doctors did a thorough examination of the patient as soon as he was admitted, in which the sugar of the patient was very high. Along with this, pneumonia infection was also found to be more spread, due to which blood and pus was coming out from the lungs of the patient. He told that in such a situation the patient is also at risk of death due to cardiac arrest, but Dr. Ema Chaudhary Chest and Lung Disease Specialist, Dr. Abhishek Doctor, Dr. Omar Naushad Critical Care Specialist and Dr. Anshul Surgeon He treated the patient by being available 24 hours a day. He said that due to leakage of blood and pus in the lungs, the patient started having difficulty in breathing, in which the patient was first taken on ventilator, but due to leakage of excess blood and pus, the venti tube was blocked repeatedly, on which doctors and nursing for 24 hours The availability of staff kept a close watch on every minute situation of the patient, in which the main role was a world-class ventilator with modern technology, which helped the patient breathe despite being in critical condition and with the experience and hard work of the team of doctors The patient has now recovered completely from the ventilator. He said that the patient was on ventilator for 12 days, which is that Subharti Hospital has broken its previous record of patient who has been on ventilator for so many days. During this time, the venti tube was changed 6 times and all the problems were monitored every minute. He said that Subharti Hospital is the most modern technology-intensive hospital in the surrounding area including Meerut where experienced doctors treat patients with a sense of service. While wishing to come back from Atik Khan’s ventilator and defeat the corona infection, he said that by the grace of God and the hard work of the doctors, it has been possible that the patient is returning to his home fully healthy, which is well known for the Suharti Hospital and all It is a proud moment for doctors and nursing staff. He said that Subharti Hospital is committed to serve the patients with the objective of making medical facilities universal and Corona stands with the country at all times with its personal efforts to prevent disaster so that the last person of the society can reach the medical facility. He made a special appeal to the patient’s family members, saying that there is no need to be afraid of corona but it can be defeated by taking caution with caution which has important tools of social distancing, use of masks and prevention of unnecessary exits.

It is to be noted that Chhatrapati Shivaji Subharti Hospital affiliated to Subharti Medical College is an L-3 level Kovid Hospital. On one hand, Kovid patients are treated in this hospital, while those who are suspected of infection with Kovid are also quarantined. Hundreds of patients have been treated so far and hundreds of people have been provided with the facility of Quarantine and a few days ago, Subharathi Hospital, Meerut Registrar Kanungo Mr. Sneh Tiwari, who had uncontrolled disease of severe diabetes with Kovid and also He had been on ventilator for many days, his life was also saved by experienced doctors of Subharti Hospital.
Fatu Khan, father of Ghantaghar resident patient Atiq Khan, said that his son, Atiq, lives in Mohammadpur who was admitted in critical condition at Subharti Hospital on June 5 this month when Corona got infected. He said that his son has been given a new life by Subharti Hospital for which he will thank the hospital for his whole life, as well as God has accepted his blessings.
Atik Khan’s younger brother Aamir said that when his brother was admitted to Subharti Hospital after Corona’s confirmation, he was very scared but he had full faith in the hard work of the doctors of Subharti Hospital and prayed to God It was said that God should provide so much strength to the doctors that he can save his brother’s life.
Atik Khan’s second brother Amjad Khan said that the doctors of Subharti Hospital have given life to his brother by playing on his life, for which he will always be thankful to Subharti Hospital.
On this occasion, State Kovid Nodal Officer, District Meerut, Dr. P.P.Singh, Dr. Krishna Murthy, Medical Deputy Superintendent, Subharathi Hospital, Dr. Eema Chaudhary, Chest and Lung Disease Specialist, Dr. Abhishek Doctor, Dr. Omar Naushad Critical Care Specialist and Dr. Anshul Surgeon had a special role.

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